City Development

City Development

San Diego Essential Information


San Diego is the eighth biggest city in the United States and the second largest in California.

The population is almost 1.5 million.


San Diego has a mild climate of around 70 F all year long and is well known for its beaches and natural harbor. This is one of the most hospitable climates in the United States, as it does not have many extremes in temperature. With less than twelve inches of rainfall a year and no cold weather, let alone snow or ice in the winter, it is seen as one of the best areas of the United States for weather, all year around.


Because of its mild and temperate weather, San Diego is a great place to take part in outdoor pursuits and sporting activities.

With seventy miles of beaches, it is not surprising that San Diego is home to many types of water sports including boating, yachting, surfing and many other types of sailing.

These aren’t the only types of sport which are big in San Diego.

The city is home to various baseball teams as well as two hockey teams. Soccer and football are also played here.

In terms of attractions to the city, one of the most notable is Balboa Park. This is 1200 acres and is home to seventeen museums as well as the San Diego zoo.


Known as the ‘birthplace of California’, San Diego was first found by European explorers, as far back in 1542. It was claimed by Spain in the same year.

The native American inhabitants of San Diego are estimated to have been there since 7500 BC.

It got its name in 1602, from San Diego Bay. In 1769, Franciscan friars established the Mission San Diego de Acala.

In 1821 San Diego became independent from Spain and was brought under Mexican control.

In 1846 the US and Mexico went to war. The US invaded from the east and the army had reached San Diego in December.

Two years later in 1848, the war ended, with the signing of the Treaty of Hidalgo.

Another two years later and San Diego County came into existence and it was one of the original twenty-seven counties in the state of California.


The biggest player in San Diego’s economy is the military and other defense based businesses and industries.

In addition to this it is a prominent center of biotechnology research.